5 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

In the U.S. and around the world, many families are dealing with the impacts of the climate crisis, from unprecedented flooding to destructive hurricanes. The worst global food crisis in decades is putting millions of children’s lives on the line, while conflicts around the world continue to displace families. 

This year, there are simple ways to help families and those in need during the holidays. A single act of generosity – or five if you’re feeling festive – can create positive change that children need right now. 

Jennifer Garner, actor and Save the Children Trustee, reads with a child.

“I have seen firsthand everything Save the Children does to keep children healthy, happy and safe. Any amount will help make change for children in the U.S. and around the world.”
Jennifer Garner, Save the Children Ambassador and Trustee


Cobie Smulders, Save the Children Ambassador, holds a red fork in support of Save the Children's Get Fed Up campaign.

1. Get fed up about childhood hunger

The world’s children need us now more than ever. Rising conflict, displacement, climate shocks and food prices, coupled with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, are driving a massive food crisis across multiple countries around the globe, threatening millions of children’s lives. And we’re fed up. Fed up with the lack of progress. Fed up with the injustice. 

It’s time to #GetFedUp and take action! ⁠This holiday season, join us, Save the Children Ambassador Cobie Smulders as well as supporters across the globe to help address the needs of children affected by today’s most urgent issues. Your donation can make a difference. 

This holiday, get fed up and make a donation to Save the Children.

In Cambodia, a young girl stands near the shoreline where debris has washed up.

2. Join a team to connect with others

This holiday season, join a team dedicated to creating a better tomorrow for children around the world.

Team Tomorrow is a new way to connect with the causes you care, from the climate crisis to inequality, by becomming a monthly donor and receiving a personalized experience. Once you join the team this holiday season, you’ll have the chance to connect with other supporters passionate about similar causes and receive resources to help you advocate on behalf of children to create even more impact.

A group of boys in blue shirts laugh together, while doing school work

3. Raise your voice to help for the holidays

The holidays are as good a time as any to use your voice – and your social networks – to take action on critical issues that impact children and help others during the holidays. 

Together with our political advocacy arm, Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), Save the Children champions the rights of the world’s 2.3 billion children. You can join us and help during the holidays to create change for children.

A young girl holds three pictures books and smiles.

4. Model mindfulness

Extreme weather, sick friends and family members, deviation from routine – these and other factors can cause anxiety and stress for children, especially during the holidays. As our third pandemic holiday season is upon us, it’s important to remember the tools we’ve acquired along the way. 

Looking out for others, taking precautions where needed and practicing mindfulness are all powerful ways to help those around us. You can also take advantage of some quiet time at home and try practicing these relaxation techniques to help relieve anxiety and keep the winter blues at bay. 

A young girl smiles while holding a baby goat in her arms.

5. Give holiday gifts that keep giving

This year, the people on your holiday gift-giving list can feel good knowing your gift helps a child in need. Whether you decide to celebrate with a no-gift Christmas, make a donation for Hanukkah, or select an item through our Holiday Gift Catalog, there are so many ways to give back during the holidays and make a difference in a child’s life.



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